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Amesbury History and Description of A South Wiltshire Town,

John Chandler and Peter Goodhugh, The Amesbury Society (1st ed. 1979, 2nd ed. 1989, 3rd ed. 2012).

Britain's Oldest Continuously Occupied Settlement: Amesbury,

Fred Westmoreland, The Amesbury Society 2019.

Flying with the Larks, The early aviation pioneers of Larkhill,

Timothy C Brown.


In and Around Amesbury, A Town Trail and Brief Historical Guide,

The Amesbury Society, 2014.

Mapping Amesbury 1726-1911, A local history project

Andrea Chalmers, 2022.


Reverend Duke and the Amesbury Oliver,

Peter Maggs, 2020.

The Amesbury Millennium Lectures, 

ed. John Chandler, The Amesbury Society, 1979.

The Amesbury Millennium Lectures,

ed. Peter Goodhugh, The Amesbury Society 2004.

Wealth, Controversy and Tragedy, Lady Florence Antrobus and her family.

David Boulton, Greens 2011.




The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine,

The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, Devizes.

(An annual publication with numerous volumes which contain  information about some of the archaeology in and around Amesbury)


Archives and Museums


Amesbury History Centre


Wessex Archaeology


Wiltshire Library Services, Salisbury and Amesbury

Wiltshire Museum (Devizes)


Swindon and Wiltshire History Centre


The Salisbury Museum

Sites of Local Archaeology;

Stone Henge and Wood Henge

Blick Mead

Vespasian's Camp

Amesbury Priory

Durrington Walls

Online Groups

Amesbury Society Facebook Page

Amesbury a History in Pictures Facebook Page

Amesbury Lives and Times Facebook Page

Local History

Durrington History Group

Wiltshire Family History Society

Salisbury Library, Local history section

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