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Amesbury Society

Spring Talks 2024 -

All our talks take place on a Monday, see the dates below;

The Amesbury Society was formed in 1975, by a group of local people inspired by an exhibition about Amesbury's history, displayed in the town's library. The aims of the society are to stimulate interest in the town and its environment, to try to promote high standards of planning and architecture and to secure the conservation of features of historic and public interest. The Society holds public meetings and lectures during the autumn/winter and spring/summer months and other activities in the summer. Membership is open to all.


26th February 2024

2:30pm, A talk on the Falklands by Morton Burdick

25th March 2024

2:30pm, Romans locally by Andrew Manning, Regional Director, Wessex Archaeology

22nd April 2024

7:30pm, St George on the eve of St Georges Day by Ruby Vitorio


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